Oct 14, 2020

The University as an advocate for responsible education about migration in Europe

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The University as an advocate for responsible  education about migration in Europe

Agreement number : ERASMUS+ 2018-1-IS01-KA3-038813

 REMix online course on migration (12 ECTS)

Flows of immigrants and refugees across the world have been increasingly publicized and discussed in recent years. This online course investigates these global processes and serves as an introduction to migration studies. The lectures and assignments provide an interdisciplinary perspective on forms of migration in various parts of the world. Central to this course are the lived experiences of migrants and the consequences of cross-border mobility for societies.

Timetable and topics:

Week 1 – 3: History and Philosophy of migrations – UNAK, Iceland
Week 4 – 6: Sociology and migration – ZRS Koper, Slovenia
Week 7 – 9: Intercultural Pedagogy (Education and Training) – UNIFI, Italy
Week 10 – 12: Psychology, AUTH, Greece
Week 13 – 15: Humanities and cultural studies, University of Madeira, Portugal
Week 16 – 18: Migration and cultural rights – ARMES Progetti, Italy

Learning outcomes:

  • Students are able to describe and outline various theoretical approaches in migration and mobility studies.
  • Students can critically analyze contemporary debates around immigration and mobility.
  • Students are able to identify and use a variety of sources, e.g. academic and artistic
  • Students are able to develop their own research projects in the field of migration research

This 12-credit (ECTS) course assumes students will undertake about 300 – 360 hours of work. In six courses, students will acquire knowledge in the key areas of migration research. Each course is prepared by a different university, allowing students to approach migration from various theoretical and cultural backgrounds. The courses are fully online, each one will run for three weeks. They will consist of recordings, reading materials, discussions, quizzes and a collaborative project. The online courses will be taught through the Moodle learning management system (LMS).

Project coordinator: Markus Meckl, remixerasmusproject@gmail.com

This course in on line even if not frequentable.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the

Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the

information contained therein.


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