Strategic Partnership for Higher Education

Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learningin European Universities

Reference no. 2019-1-IS01-KA203-051139

A.P.E.L.E. deals  with various aspects of social inclusion  including access to Higher Education. The project wants to present an alternative path to encourage migrants and people with fewer  opportunities to  access higher education and make significant and outstanding contribution to the society.

The goal of this ERASMUS + funded project is  to contribute to an evidence-based approach in the identification and development of supporting measure for people with fewer opportunities   who havenon-formal or  informal  learning experiences  and promote their transnational  access   to EuropeanUniversities. Among the project target groups there  are  people  in  the  participant countries who drop out secondary school and migrants.  There is no specific procedure focusing on the accreditation of their prior leaning and the project produces something new in terms of delivering an online and open access template personal portfolio.