Identification of a strategy for the promotion of the Paganiniano di Carro Festival. 2007

Armes Progetti is responsible for identifying a strategy leading to an increase of the competitive advantage of the Paganiano di Carro Festival – organized by the music events society of La Spezia since 2002- in order to position it as a tourist attraction at a regional level.

Studies of the territorial context show that the location where the Festival takes place is part of a rural area which is barely populated and subject to depopulation, because their position is far from the main urban areas. The territory economy is based on agricultural, commercial and tourist activities. This inevitably leads to lack of attention of both political representation and the local and provincial authorities.

During the studies, it became apparent that the problem was related to the governance situation. This is the reason why it was necessary to create an intermediate organization with its own projects, to be able to support a dialogue between local authorities and the event promoter.

The result was the creation of a non-profit organization called “Amici del Festival Paganiano di Carro”, which was able to gather local interests as stated by local inhabitants, second home owners and local administrators, in order to develop a network that can work as a remedy for the institutional and organizational deficiencies of the territory.