A workshop devoted to cultural rights and the concept of cultural sustainability, designed and implemented by Armes Progetti in cooperation with the Cultural Sustainability Observatory.
– Università degli studi di Milano.

Over the last decade, European local and territorial authorities in metropolitan areas started to consider cultural policy as a tool for a new form of development.

Cultural policies are shifting their focus from the protection and valorization of cultural heritage towards the needs of individuals who claim their right to build upon and use culture as an instrument to shape their own identity.

Given a strong sea of change, cultural sustainability offers an approach which becomes essential in order to identify the conditions required to let culture be considered an “essential service”.

This workshop, designed by Armes Progetti and the first in Italy, in cooperation with the Cultural Sustainability Observatory, aims to study the multiple issues concerning cultural sustainability, taking into account legal, economical and political implications, with the support of a number of meetings involving experts on the topic.