We focus on supporting the arts and creative sectors in adapting themselves to the digital era, by providing new international opportunities in the market, and by promoting local economic development.

In this context, ARMES team works within the field of cultural planning and sustainability by undertaking multidisciplinary research projects in cooperation with Universities, Research Institutes and local authorities.

ARMES promotes the search for National and European financial instruments. It operates in the field of territorial marketing, event management and communication.

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Cultural planning is a process that supports local authorities and the community in identifying cultural resources, and in thinking strategically about how these resources can be used to achieve common goals. This process offers communities the opportunity to implement a roadmap which brings together art and culture, whilst also reflecting the subject’s needs, aspirations and skills.


In recent times, cultural rights have become more and more important due to the role played by culture in building a person’s identity. Cultural rights are a significant topic of research and activities for access and participation in cultural life, education and training, communication and information, and cultural cooperation. Thanks to its dedicated team, Armes Progetti provides public and private subjects with strategies and planning activities in the field of cultural rights.
In this phase of change, cultural processes linked to symbolism are considered a priority; they allow people and communities to imagine, to live their futures today, and to start new innovative processes which are essential not only to create new economies (cultural and creative) but also to determine new forms of cohabitation, to require a civil religion, and to identify new paradigms such as cultural sustainability. Armes Progetti plans, designs and implements cultural processes by undertaking full organization of cultural events. It is results-driven and facilitates the active involvement of the media.
Thanks to cultural planning methodologies, Armes Progetti is able to identify strategies and tactics for public entities – local administrators, institutions, non-profit organizations – as well as private entities, such as companies that want to work in the cultural field. Armes Progetti plans initiatives which can also have cross-cutting objectives. Armes Progetti develops a creative concept which meets the needs of the stakeholders and the target groups; they define a strategy, indicate specific actions to undertake and seek out local, National and European calls for co-funding projects.
Corporations can take advantage from tax relief thanks to recent legislation that pays more and more attention to the preservation of cultural heritage and contributes to the organization of events. Moreover, in Italy, the so-called benefit corporation – or B-Corporation – operates to help for-profit companies who want to go beyond the revenue target to ensure the optimization of their positive impact on society and the environment. Armes Progetti outlines strategies which allow such companies to use a cultural process and to contribute effectively to the welfare of the community in which they operate, in terms of a positive impact on people and the environment.
Armes Progetti offers training in cultural management to local authorities and the personnel responsible for companies’ communications. This training consists of ad-hoc educational sessions with the help of professionals in cultural planning, university professors and experts in cultural sustainability.