1_ARMES_PROGETTI manifesto


on cultural rights and duties.

The manifesto calls for the recognition, protection and respect of the cultural rights and duties of individuals and communities and aims to be a tool to create and raise awareness of them in the community: institutions, businesses, civil society. It refers to specific normative sources and identifies those rights and duties that fall within the category of cultural rights.

Born out of a dialogue over time between Monica Amari, President of Armes progetti, and Manlio Mele, Coordinator of the Culture Department of the Democratic Party, it was elaborated by a group of scholars in cultural policies and processes from different fields and experiences. With a view to the enforceability of cultural rights, the Manifesto, initially presented in Sicily, is aimed at the drafting of a Charter of Cultural Rights and Duties and the institution of the figure of the Guarantor of Cultural Rights.

The Manifesto was presented in Palermo on 30 November 2021 in the morning at the Palazzo dei Normanni and in the afternoon at the A. Salinas Archaeological Museum. One can adhere to the Manifesto through the Change.org platform

On 20 January at 4 p.m., Stroncature hosts an in-depth discussion on the ‘Manifesto of cultural rights and duties’. Speakers include Monica Amari, Cultural Policy Expert, President of Armes progetti: Maria Luisa Motolese, President of the Court of Auditors of Ancona: and Cristina Vannini, cultural entrepreneur and international member of the Council of Europa Nostra. Registration is required to participate


Dalle 10:00 alle 12:00


Palazzo dei Normanni.


30 November 2021