Cultural Sustainability and Cultural Rights.

A workshop dedicated to cultural rights and the concept of cultural sustainability, designed and implemented by Armes progetti in collaboration with the Observatory on Cultural Sustainability – University of Milan.

In the last decade in Europe, local and territorial governments and metropolitan areas have started to consider cultural policies as a tool for a new development model.

The focus in the field of cultural policies is shifting from the protection and enhancement of cultural heritage to the needs of individuals who, with increasing insistence, claim a right to the production and enjoyment of culture as a means of building their own identity.

In the face of this epochal change, the approach offered by cultural sustainability becomes necessary to identify those essential conditions necessary for culture to be recognised as an essential service.

The Workshop, the first in Italy, through a series of meetings with experts in the field, intends to explore the multiple issues related to cultural sustainability, taking into account the legal, economic and political implications of the subject.