We support the creative sectors

For new market and public opportunities and promotion of local economic development.

Armes pays special attention to supporting the arts and creative sectors to adapt to the digital age, to provide new international market and audience opportunities, and to promote local economic development.

In this context, our team works in the field of cultural sustainability design through multidisciplinary research projects in collaboration with universities, research institutes, and local authorities.

It promotes the search for financial instruments at a national and European level and operates in the field of territorial marketing, event management, and communication.

Cultural planning is a process that helps local government and the community to identify cultural resources and to think strategically about how these resources can be used to achieve common goals.

This process, therefore, provides an opportunity for communities to create an action plan (roadmap) that integrates arts, and culture and reflects the needs, aspirations, and strengths of those involved.

Sectors of intervention

From rights to cultural governance

Cultural Rights

Cultural rights are becoming increasingly important in view of the role culture plays in the construction of a person’s identity.

Cultural rights can be traced back to research activities on access and participation in cultural life:

education training;

communication and information;

cultural cooperation

Armes progetti, thanks to its team of research specialists, provides strategic project work to public and private entities that pay special attention to the field of cultural rights.

Cultural planning

In a scenario of profound change claiming new priorities, it is the cultural processes linked to the dimension of the symbolic, which enable human beings and communities to imagine, to live the future in advance, to trigger a sequence of innovative processes, indispensable not only for the creation of new economies (cultural and creative) but also to establish new forms of coexistence, demand a civil religion, and identify new paradigms such as cultural sustainability.

Armes progetti plans, designs, and implements cultural processes dealing with all the different organizational phases of cultural events with a focus on the dissemination of results and the active involvement of the media.

Cultural and strategic analysis

Armes projects, using the methodology of cultural planning, is able to identify and structure strategies and tactics for those entities, local public administrations, institutions, non-profit organizations, or private companies, that want to operate in the cultural sphere, designing initiatives aimed at achieving transversal objectives.

In elaborating a creative concept, the team will take into account the needs expressed by stakeholders and target audiences, define a strategy, indicate specific actions, and identify local, national, and European calls for the co-financing of projects.

B Corporation e cultural social responsability

Businesses, thanks to the tax breaks they can enjoy, under recent legislation devote more and more attention to the preservation of cultural heritage and contribute to or organize events themselves.

Also in Italy, situations defined as benefit corporations or B-Corporations operate, which allow for-profit companies that want to go beyond the objective of mere profit to maximize their positive impact on society and the environment.

Armes progetti will be able to indicate strategies so that companies using cultural processes can contribute to creating well-being in the community in which it operates, defined as a concrete positive impact on people and the environment.

Cultural Governance

Armes progetti offers cultural management training services to local administrations and corporate communication staff by realizing ad hoc training interventions with the help of cultural design professionals, university lecturers, and cultural sustainability experts.


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