The role of universities in the age of migration

On Thursday 22 April 2021, a webinar was held by the Association for the Advancement of the Country a webinar entitled ‘The Role of Universities in the Era of Migration”, with the participation of Prof. Elsa Fornero, former Minister of Labour in the Monti government (2011-2013) and Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Turin, Prof. Giovanni Carlo Bruno researcher at CNR_IRSS in Naples and Monica Amari, President of Armes Progetti. The meeting was attended by Italian business leaders including Alfredo Ambrosetti, Giorgio Basile-Isagro-spa, Riccardo Illy, Andrea Ritattore Vonwiller, and Prof. Cesare Galli, the Apele project was presented, developed by a consortium of European universities in cooperation with Armes Progetti, whose objective is to share a method for the evaluation of prior experience in order to facilitate access to third-level secondary education for disadvantaged targets.